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Zero Truth

Why do We Need a Web3 ID?

Honesty, trust, security and anonymity.

Now that I answered that question. I'm going to try and insert the blog post I posted on another site last month. Not sure if I can modify the date to reflect when I originally posted it. The iteration of this process, much like the tech stack has undergone a few modifications through Implementation. I'm sure there will be many more, but I hope to keep the restarts down to a minimum.


That word. I can still see and hear Mel Gibson as he played William Wallace and he yelled it near the end of the movie Braveheart. I have to admit, one of my favorite movies.

Freedom, yes it means so much! Yet many of us often take it for granted in so many ways. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the US. Freedom from an oppressive government that required taxation without representation. Does it sometimes seem like we are going backwards? Sure I digress.

So I am going to try something new. Something I have been thinking about now for sometime, just not exactly sure where or how to implement or go about "doing it". That is, being or at least sincerely trying to be as real, candid, authentic, and true as I can be. In everything I say and do. Everything.

Sounds easy enough right? I mean for a God fearing man it should be the go to, no brainer, knee jerk reaction thing to do at all times. Or at least most of the time. And I'd say that it is, mostly. Yet for someone who's conscientious and perhaps a bit too calculated, I know there will be times the filter will want to kick in and I'll talk myself into saying it would be prudent to use discretion. When in reality it would be more often than not that it would be fear and not wisdom that would cause me to refrain. If for that purpose alone I would believe this endeavor to be a fruitful one. Add in the fact that I tend to catch analysis paralysis whenever I face a major decision or even a minor one that I may end up feeling the sting of regret over, and well it becomes clear this is something I need to do.

Who was it that said "Self examination is not for the faint at heart"? What does it mean when you do it in public. Willingly, albeit reluctantly.

I often say "Meekness is not weakness" as if to convince myself. But doesn't that mean there needs to be some power or strength in restraint?

Well I have a feeling the implications are going to be far more reaching than I can imagine. I don't think it will be as relatively easy as it should be, but then things of real value rarely are. I do believe the results will provide to be beneficial beyond reason, perhaps if only in the long run. But finishing strong is something worth aspiring.

So Freedom.

Watch this.

And go see the Sound of Freedom

Like I said Freedom means so much and it can take on deeper meaning when given context or when it has been taken away.

I want to go see this movie, perhaps even tomorrow. I hope everyone does and that it makes a difference. Actually I know it already has. Exposing the darkness is all our moral obligation. All evil needs to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing but look away. The levity of human trafficking and child sex slaves puts my new found vow of transparency and vulnerability into perspective. Even with blogging while simultaneously working on this start up which was what I thought I was going to write about here. But in the face of such evil and darkness we need to applaud those that take a stand and fight. But we need to do more than that we need to pray for them, and us that we could unite with them and support them that want to protect the innocent.


Ok, I'll be adding more later. Gonna keep this up, because it's cheaper than therapy.


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